3G-Roofing & Construction is one of the premier residential Roofing Contractors in North Texas. We are located in DFW area and are proud to be a Texas owned and operated roofing company. We provide businesses and residences with everything from roof replacement to new roof installations. 3G-Roofing & Construction is unsurpassed in excellence and quality. Here at 3G-Roofing & Construction we are focused on 100% customer satisfaction and we always maintain a good relationships with our customers.

Our mission is to exceed the expectations of our clients. That's why we provide them with a top of the line product and a high of quality service. All materials are stored in a safe place and inspected prior to installation. Our reputation for service coupled with our cutting edge systems and technology help us make your home or business look excellent. Best of all, our home and business systems typically cost less to install and maintain, which is a true win-win for all parties. Our experience in Residential Roofing business offers you the assurance that choosing us is the right decision.